Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation offers more than relaxation

My husband and I spent 6 days in Indianapolis this last month.  It was a glorious time!  Good food, good fun, and good ideas.  We spent those days at Gen Con, the convention for gamers of all types.  People watching was abound!  So, when asked where my newest ideas came from, my only answer is Gen Con.

Meeting several new people and learning about their lives gave me story lines to follow.  Plot bunnies started hopping through my mind.  It wasn't until I saw a bulimic young lady that the story all fell into place!  I am excited to get started on this project.

I have characters in my mind that I am going to be creating profiles for.  An outline is not far behind.  Then the real fun begins.  I am diving into the dark places that drive the human mind to do the things that they do.  I am excited to move forward!

Check back on the 26th of September for the next installment of the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour.