Monday, September 26, 2011

Crossing Lines

The topic of September is crossing genres on our Merry Go Round Blog Tour from Forward Motion.  Such a good topic for me as I plan my next novel.  A lot of the stories I write follow along the lines of the Young Adult, Realistic Fiction line.  With this in mind, I started to think about books I read and have loved and one thing keeps repeating in my mind.  Every author crosses the borders of genres.

An epiphony if I have ever had one.  It is not a new concept for authors to write young adult mysteries or fantasy/Sci-Fi novels.  My personal opinion is that this keeps your readers interested on the journey you ar leading them on.  The next plot twist is unexpected. 

As I am research Bulimia for this novel, I have a quandry ahead of me.  Should it be young adult or a 20-something woman dealing?  Are we looking at the diet side or the mental health side?  Is there another genre that fits this type of story better.  Whatever I decide, I am sure it will cross over many lines and I will enjoy every minute of it!