Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inner Workings of a Writer

November is self-interview month on the Blog Tour.  So I will attempt to ask creative questions and give honest answers.  I hope this will offer insight into my mind for myself as well.  Here we go:

What genre do you read?
I mainly read Young Adult novels because that is what I tend to write.  I do read Chick Lit as well as Classics.  However, I feel it keeps me current in topic and dialogue if I read what is being published now.

Do you have a favorite author?
Yes and no.  Since writing in first person is hard for me, I greatly admire Barry Lyga.  He does so with such style.  A true inspiration.  In general, though, I tend to like several authors.  Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, Maureen Johnson, Alice Walker and many more.

Where do you get your subject matter from?
Simply from the state of affairs in our society today. As well as watching things in my own life unfold.  My husband always says your life is the best writing fodder.  I agree.  A very awesome story came out of a birthday dinner last year.  Look all around.  There are stories everywhere.

What topics are the most important to you?
I tend to deal with mental issues in teens.  From cutting to homosexuality to eating disorders.  I have seen at least one deal with each of these types of issues.  I know how the real situation occurs and I attempt to offer a learning experience that does not mirror that one but is also not a "happy" ending.  I do not believe sugar coating the consequences teaches teens anything.

Who is your biggest supporter?
My husband, Dan, of course.  He is my writing drill sargent.  He keeps me going and makes it possible that I can write.  I have friends also who are supportive which helps.

I hope this look into my brain and the logic I follow has enlightened you.  Right now I am writing about Bulimia which is a subject near and dear to my heart.  I wish you all a great weekend and healthy eating.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Writer's Worst Fear

I just realized a writer's worst fear: the computer won't boot.  I put it into sleep mode with a webpage open.  Then I opened it and woke it up.  Out of no where is shuts off.  Now I have tried booting with and without storage expansion media several times and I get to the same place then off.  I say this all to make a point.  Save often and in multiple places!

I have a dropbox, thumb drive and main computer as well as the netbook I write on.  However, none of my backups include the last 2000 words written.  Devastation since my husband is sleeping and he is the computer technician who works 8 to 5 tomorrow.  Another day lost in National Novel Writing Month.  I am determined if I have to start over though.

A warning to all writers:  make multiple copies everytime you save!