Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Writer's Worst Fear

I just realized a writer's worst fear: the computer won't boot.  I put it into sleep mode with a webpage open.  Then I opened it and woke it up.  Out of no where is shuts off.  Now I have tried booting with and without storage expansion media several times and I get to the same place then off.  I say this all to make a point.  Save often and in multiple places!

I have a dropbox, thumb drive and main computer as well as the netbook I write on.  However, none of my backups include the last 2000 words written.  Devastation since my husband is sleeping and he is the computer technician who works 8 to 5 tomorrow.  Another day lost in National Novel Writing Month.  I am determined if I have to start over though.

A warning to all writers:  make multiple copies everytime you save!

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