Saturday, July 16, 2011

Death and other stuff

I have ignored this blog for ten days and even missed WIP Wednesday.  Not really how I wanted to start out with this endeavor.  It seems like every time you get a groove going, life throws curve balls right straight at you.  That has been the last week.

Yesterday, we finally laid to rest the ashes of my mother-in-law.  It has been a sad and lonely time for my husband and I.  She is deeply missed but it feels good to have closure.  But the closure of one emotion opens the flood gates for the What if's and How do we go on without her.  It is a process.  Grief, like many things, is a journey.  I have buried two grandfathers and my older brother in the last two years.  The unexpected deaths are the hard ones.  My brother was only 37.  My mother-in-law was 67.  Both died too young.  It is time to pick ourselves up, dust of our legs and move on with our lives.  Enough of the sad stuff.

Writing has been going alright too.  I started meeting with some fellow, local writers at the cutest little book store called the Book Nook and Java Shop.  It is a cozy atmosphere and the employees are very nice.  The people I meet are totally different than my critique group.  Different lifestyles and backgrounds offer vast variety of opinions.  I am looking forward to next Saturday when we meet again.

This week has been research week.  I spent time looking into flashbacks and prologues.  All things I struggle with on the mechanics end.  I spent even more time working through the depths of websites on cutting and eating disorders.  Some of the stuff out there is down right scary.  The thoughts in young girls minds are hard to believe and our society planted them there.  Absolutely amazing!!!!!  It made me take a hard look in the mirror as I am struggling with weight loss.  It seems like everything I do for my writing comes full circle back to my life.  May I never need to go to a pro-ana or pro-mia site for myself!

Come back Wednesday for an new installment of WIP Wednesday and on July 26th, I will be guest blogging for which is a project started by the fabulous folks at Forward Motion Writers Community.  Check in with them often as well.  There are guest most days of the month.

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  1. Sorry again about your mother-in-law, Becky. I know that's been hard for you and Dan.

    It's funny that you're apologizing for not blogging. I had to stop doing that myself because eventually I realized that I was doing it in almost every blog post. Kind of the way these things go sometimes.